Over the past several hours your “friends” have been fucking you in the mouth and ass.  You grew up together and have hung out all of your lives. Earlier today you came out to them and told them you were gay.  They said that they understood and respected your choice.  They told you that were glad that you felt comfortable enough to share your secret with them, as they were unzipping their pants. Since that moment, the five of them have pounded your holes open and filled you with loads of cum.  They fully cunted you and taught you the joys of being spit roasted.  After each of them had shot several loads into you and emptying their balls completely, they decide to go out for some beers.

You get up and start to get ready to go with them, not realizing that now you are no longer a friend, now you are a fag, cum dump. Your former friends will never hang out with you in public again.  You are nothing more to them than a warm fleshlight to be used to jerk off their cocks and to shoot jizz into.  

When they come home from a night of drinking with each other, they decide to drive the point home that your life has changed.  You are less than a man.  You will willingly take anything that comes from real men.  They use you as a urinal, forcing your to lie naked on your bedroom floor, while they piss in your mouth. Once all of them have drained their bladders into you, they force you to lick up any piss that spilled.  You are then told to clean up, cause you smell like a truck stop toilet.  While you are washing off your former friends piss, they come into the bathroom and run a train on you in the shower. As they take turns fucking you in your new cunt, they laugh and joke with each other, as friend do.

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