“Do you need some help with that?” Pete asks the man showering after his workout.

Most people would have taken Pete for a real man. Big muscular guy with a dark beard. He has fooled a lot of people in his life. However here in the gym he cannot hide his true nature. 

He tries to be discrete with his furtive glances at other guys crotches, but he can’t help but stare at the bulges in their gym shorts. Most of the guys at the gym had him pegged as a locker room cum dump within a week of him joining. In the showers, with his little cock exposed, it was obvious, he was never going to satisfy a woman. With the way he stared at other guys cocks, it was also obvious he had no desire to satisfy a woman. his desires were to satisfy men. 

Before long the men of the gym recognized and acknowledged these desires and started to act on them. By week two Pete was spending more time on his knees in the showers than working out in the weight room. 

None of the men at the gym were interested in him as anything other than a hole to get off in. Pete wasn’t a friend or a workout partner, he was just another piece of equipment at the gym. An object with a specific purpose, to drain men’s balls.

When you owe your drug dealer, but don’t have any cash, alternate means of payment are sometimes accepted. 

It starts with a quick blowjob, then you are asked to “help out” some of his friends. Before long, you realize that you are the house cum dump. A fuck toy for your dealer, his friends, neighbors, good customers, suppliers, and any other horny guy who stops by. 

The fag knows how much pain and effort it took to get his cunt to gape open like that. Now he offers that gaping hole to any real man he comes across. He understands that he is a fuck toy and a cum dump. He knows that men will continue to ram their hard cocks into him, whenever they want to bust a nut. So the best he can do is make sure his hole stays open. By offering his hole, he keeps it gaping, so that he never has to go thru the painful process of getting it stretched out again.

“Arggghhh! Ahhhhh fuckkk, please stop!  I admit it you are right, the latex of the condom grips the skin of my ass and creates too much friction. I feel like you are tearing apart my hole.”

“You want me to take the condom off?”

“Yes, please. I can’t take it. It feels like you are tearing me up.”

“You are making the right choice.  A fag like you should always insist on raw cock. With a little spit, my fuck stick will slide right into your cunt, like it is supposed to do. Skin on skin will better allow you to feel my manhood as it works your fuck chute wide open. Plus my load will lube you up for the next man to use you. Cum is an amazing lubricant. As a bonus, it will also work as an advertisement to use your hole. Any man that sees you on your hands and knees in the locker room shower with my nut juice dripping out of your cunt, will know that you are a fag, who takes raw loads from real men. Your sloppy, wet cunt will be able to take cock after cock, all night long, once it is properly lubed up with a load or two of my creamy jizz.”

Hey, I heard that some of the guys turned you out last night. Is that true? Are you the dorm cum dump now? 

That’s great. My fat cock could use some attention. Why don’t you get in here and bend over for me. C’mon, you took our dorm mates’s cocks, now you need to take mine. It’s a nice fat one, I think you will like it.

Alright pledges, we have some good news and some bad news. 

The good news is that you have both exceeded our expectation as pledges. We have two positions open in the frat, and we would like you to fill them. You are both perfect for the openings. Guys we want to have around the house, each of you contributing in your own way.

The bad news is that only one of you is to become a full fledged brother. The other one is to become the house cum dump. A hole that will be used to drain the balls of the brothers who need it. An on-call fuck toy for the men of the frat. 

One of you will be making sorority girls scream out in pleasure with your cock and one of you will be taking cock, screaming like a sorority girl.

Now I am going to let the two of you decide which of you is the real man and which of you is made to serve. Looking at the two of you, standing here naked, it is fairly obvious to us which of you “measures up” as a man and which of you will come up “short”. We expect that one of you will be bent over taking a big fat cock up your ass in the next few minutes, learning to serve your betters. Once one of you has filled your fellow pledge with cum, the initiation process will be complete and you will both take your proper places in the frat house.

“I was told that a cock sucking fag hangs out on this beach. The fag is said to be a good looking dude with a small dick, who always spreads out on an orange towel, so random, horny men can identify him more easily.”

“I have heard similar stories told, but the version I heard the fag prefers to go behind the dunes and take the horny men’s cocks in his cunt.” 

“Really, those dune right over there, behind you?”

“Those are the ones. I also heard that most of the guys on the beach are lacking pockets, so they almost never have a condom, which means the fag ends up taking the cocks raw. Letting these random men cum in him.”

“Really? That’s interesting. Do you think you might show me, a random stranger, the area where these rumored tryst’s take place?”

“I could do that, especially since you don’t appear to have any pockets.”