Oh, hey man, nice timing.  I just finished blowing a load into your girlfriend.  Let me get dressed and we can head out. 

Yeah, I have been fucking her for a couple of months, she can’t get enough of my thick cock.  Says it fills her up properly.  Sorry, I thought you knew.  How could you not have noticed how much larger her cunt has been the past several months?

It’s not like I am the only one.  Most of the team has had their dicks in her, she is a total slut.  We all just thought you wanted her to be happy.  We have seen you in the locker room, and it’s obvious you will never satisfy her, so we took care of it for you.

You should be thanking me for making sure she is happy and sexually satisfied. In fact why don’t you get down and clean off my cock for me, as a sign of appreciation. My meat is covered with pussy juice and cum.  I don’t want to stain my boxers.

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