Since you are not very good at wrestling, we need to find out what skills you do have.

You have a good attitude and you try hard, obviously you are eager, you just have no natural talent.  I am sure there are other ways you can contribute to the team, and help us get to the state finals.  Perhaps you can help the other guys on the team, the skilled wrestlers, relax before their matches, so they can focus on winning.  Let’s see if you have any natural talent.  

Oh yeah, I thing we have found out where your natural abilities are.  Now we can focus your training on where it will do some good.  Let’s get your teammates in here to help.  I am sure after they each take a turn in your mouth, you will have learned a thing or two.  Just like in wrestling, to succeed, you need to practice your moves over and over until you can perform then without thinking.  

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