Has not yet come to grips with the fact that he is a cum dump. Still deep in denial about being a fag. 

So on weekends he gets drunk and lets guys use his holes.  He can rationalize that he is not really a whore, he just gets used by other men while his defenses are down.  It’s not his fault he gets raped every weekend.

He has a reputation now, the college gang bang slut.  Whenever he gets drunk, he takes off his shirt and wanders in the woods behind the truck stop.  Men wait back there on Saturday nights for him to show up.  He then gets bent over and pulls a train of fifteen to twenty horny strangers.  Once he is fully loosened up and lubed with cum, He will make the rounds of the parking lot, crawling into random semi cabs to get used by the truckers.  By Sunday afternoon, he can be found in the toilet (second stall from the end) bent over, covered in dried jizz, taking cock thru the glory holes in both his ass and mouth.  Crawling back to the dorm on Sunday night in only a ripped pair of boxers, reeking of strangers cum, he is not fooling anyone.

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