Yesterday, your first day at the new school, John forced you to your knees in the shower and rammed his cock down your throat.  He made you swallow a load of his hot jizz.

Today as you enter the showers, you see him waiting for you, with a devious grin on his face.  “Back for more?”  You stutter and turn around to leave, but he places his hand on your shoulder, forcing you to stop.  “Time for the next step in your training, bitch.”  He steps up close behind you, wrapping his hands around your waist, You feel his boner rubbing against your ass while he starts kissing the back of your neck.  The feel of his mouth on your neck is warm and moist, it feels strangely good to have him suck and bite your skin, all the hairs on your body are standing straight up, with your dick following their lead.  You are lost in the moment as you hear him pumping the soap dispenser and feel him pull back slightly to lather up his meat with soapy suds.  He continues to work on your neck with his mouth, while his rock hard nine inches starts sliding up and down between your ass cheeks using the soap suds to make it slick and smooth.  You feel his hand on your shoulders push forward, bending you over, as his cock slides between your cheeks and starts putting pressure on your hole.  You start to say something, but his right hand covers your mouth.  He pulls you back, as he thrusts his pelvis forward, and his thick cock enters your virgin ass.  You scream, but the hand over your mouth muffles the sound.  He pauses for a few minutes, letting you get used to being penetrated, then slides a couple more inches in you.  He whispers “Yeah, nice tight hole.  Gonna turn you out, make you my bitch.”  You feel him start to thrust in and out, first slowly, but then picking up speed.  Each thrust forward buries a little more of his meat in you, until you feel his pubic hairs on your ass.  Knowing he is now “balls deep” in your ass, the muscles in your body relax and stop fighting the penetration.  He immediately feels the difference and starts pounding harder, while removing his hand from your mouth.  No scream escapes only soft moans each time he pushes into you.  He fucks for what feels like hours, but is really only a few minutes, before you feel his cock get stiffer and thicker.  He pushes into you, full depth, as you feel the first shot of cum blast against the back of your cavity.  It is followed quickly by several more.  As he finishes breeding you he whispers to you again “Nice tight hole bitch. You took my cock like a pro.  You were obviously made to get fucked by real men, a natural cum dump.”  As he pulled his still hard cock from your ass, it made a popping sound, releasing his jizz to seep out and drip down your inner thighs.  He slaps your ass, turns around and starts to shower.  You stand there, not knowing how to react to being taken like this.  You look at him, water cascading down his muscled form, his still hard cock pointing at you.

“Get over here bitch.” he says pointing to the floor in front of him.  “Get on your knees and suck me, while I explain the facts of life to you.”  As you kneel in front of him and take his cock into your mouth, you hear him chuckle.  “Good fag. You just made me a lot of cash.  I bet a bunch of guys that I could cum in both your mouth and ass within your first week here.  The hickeys on the back of your neck are the proof they requested.  No girl would ever give a guy hickeys there, only a man fucking from behind would.  It’s proof that you were bent over and pounded like a bitch.”  Your face reddens a little as he says this.  You feel his hands on both sides of your head as he takes control and starts face fucking you.  As his cock pushes deeper into your throat, causing you to cry, he continues.  “Now that we know you are a bitch, made to take cock, its time to share your holes with the guys.  Once the men in this school see the bite marks on your neck they will know that you are open for business.  They will line up to fuck you.”  He is obviously excited by the thought of you getting gang banged by dozens of horny teenagers, as he starts thrusting into your mouth harder and harder.  He is skull fucking you rougher than you thought possible. You feel his balls bouncing off your chin, as his pubes are mashed into your nose over and over.  He keeps talking, almost to himself, as he has forgotten that you exist as a person and is simply using you as a hole to get off in. “I can charge the guys to fuck the fag.  Two dollars to dump a load in his mouth and five to cum in his cunt.”  He then pulls fully out of your mouth and starts shooting his cum all over your face.  He cums again and again, coating your face with ropes of thick creamy jizz.  He finishes up and rinses in the shower, still running behind him, while you kneel in the middle of the room his cum covering your face and dripping from your no longer virgin ass.  He turns off the shower and motions you to follow him to the locker room.  “Get dressed bitch, I have the keys to lock up and am ready to leave.”  You start to protest that you need to shower, but he cuts you off.  “Keep my cum on you and let it dry.  It’s further proof and advertising that you are a cum dump whore.”  He then bends over and picks a dirty jock strap off the floor and tosses it to you.  “Put this on.  From now on I want you wearing a jock.  It provides easy access to your cunt, while hiding your junk.”  He finishes getting dressed and orders you to do the same or he will toss you out naked.  As you step into the empty school parking lot he tells you to be back tomorrow at 3:00, after school. “I can’t wait to see the football team pull a train on you.”

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