There you go  bitch, I got all nine inches in you now.  My meat is in your new cunt, balls deep.  We are going to stretch out your virgin hole and fill you up with our ball juice.  We knew you were a fag after the last game, when we saw you checking us out in the showers.

Now we are going to give you every fag’s fantasy, a pair of good looking, well hung, jock studs are going to tag team your ass for the next few hours, starting with a spit roast.  Then you are going to be guest of honor at a gang bang.  You see we chose this camping spot with you in mind.  Half a mile down the lake is a boys camp for juvenile delinquent teens.  They have been here for a month and are horny as hell.    A dozen or so campers take a “nature hike” past here at sunset.  Usually they come out to this spot, sit around, smoke and jerk off.  However tonight they will find your naked ass gaping open with multiple loads of our jizz dripping out.  I think we can probably charge five bucks a fuck and make some quick cash, turning you into a cum dump. 

Before you crawl into the tent tonight you will have dozens of loads of teenage spooge pumped into your guts.

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