Pete, a jock stud from the city basketball league, came in for shoulder surgery.  I have lusted after Pete since I first saw him in the shower at the gym.  So when this opportunity came up, I took advantage. While he was in the recovery room and still under the effects of the anesthesia, and susceptible to influence, I planted some thoughts in his mind.  I also planted some seeds in his ass.

This picture is for Pete, using his cell phone.  When he wakes up he will wonder about the soreness in his ass, and will probably ask about the milky white discharge, but I can tell him they are side effects of the shoulder surgery. However at some point in the near future, he will look at the images on his phone.  He will see dozens of close up shots of a big, thick, cock sliding between his lips, shots of his ass opening up and shots of his cum filled cunt. When he sees the images, he will remember my words and know that he is now my bitch.  At the next game, he will stare at my cock as it flops around in my basketball shorts.  His new cunt will twitch and inch, knowing it feels empty.  After the game, he will linger a little in the locker room, so he can be alone with me in the showers.

Between the thoughts i placed in his mind and the feelings my cock gives his body, he will be craving my cum.

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