Ben loved glory holes.  He discovered this toilet, in the basement of the engineering building, at the start of the semester.  Since it was in the basement away from the classrooms, the only guys who used this toilet, used it for quick, dirty sex. The second stall from the end had holes cut in the partition on both sides. Ben quickly discovered that this allowed him to service men and retain his anonymity.  As a starting tight end on the football team, it would ruin his reputation if anyone found out he was a cum hungry, cock whore.  For the past two months, he has been coming down here on Saturday mornings and swallowing the load of any cock shoved thru the partition.  After a couple of weeks he started to bend over in the stall allowing guys to fuck him while he sucked dick. He became addicted to the feeling of two strangers spit roasting him.  The feeling of pressing his hairy ass tight to the opening in the old wooden partition, so that the guys on the other side could ram their raw meat into his hole. Ben knew the men fucking him and filling his ass with their ball juice, did so only to drop a load, and that they did not care who he was or if he enjoyed the rough fucking.

Word quickly spread across campus of the glory hole slut.  On Saturdays lines would form to use Ben’s mouth and ass. He was taking 30 to 50 loads a day.

He knew that many of the cocks he sucked must have belonged to guys he knew, his football teammates, his roommates, guys in his classes, but locked in his stall, his holes tight against the partitions he remained anonymous.

Then this morning, Ben went to his favorite toilet for his usual Saturday activities, he found the door to his stall was missing.  As he stood in the stall trying to figure out what to do when he heard the door to the toilet room squeak open.  He was trapped, if he stepped out of the stall now, he would be seen.  The newcomer went directly into the adjacent stall.  Ben looked down and saw a thick 10" cut cock slide thru the hole.  Ben’s cum addiction quickly overcame his concern about the missing stall door.  He dropped to his knees and took that cock deep into his throat.  As he was slurping on that fat cock, he heard the entry door squeak again.  In his peripheral vision he saw Pete, the starting quarterback, walk by him, to the far stall.  He knew Pete had seen him kneeling in the stall sucking dick.  He heard Pete unzip his pants in the stall behind him.  Then he heard the slight creak of the wooden partition. The sound it makes when someone leans against it.    Like Pavlov’s dog, it triggered a reaction.  After months of being a glory hole slut, he heard that partition creak and he dropped his pants and pushed his cunt against the hole.  As that thick cock slid into him it felt familiar and natural.  This was what he had  been doing for most of the semester.  The only difference was that instead of anonymous cock he was being fucked by his friend and teammate. As the day went on Ben took loads from most of the team, all five of his roommates, and dozens of other men he knew from around the school.

His “secret” was out and Ben did not care, He liked being a cum dump. 

The next week, Ben went back to the toilet, looking forward to getting used. The door was back on his stall, and several guys were waiting.  So he proudly went to his stall, opened the door, stepped in, dropped his pants and bent over. 

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