Since finding out his brother was a fag, Juan started pimping him out to the men in the neighborhood.  He has spent the last two weeks with his lips wrapped around the cocks of the men he had known all of his life.  He watched as these men, unzipped, pulled out their cocks and slid them between his lips and deep into his throat.  Each night the number of men grew.  Yesterday, he spent five hours sucking ball juice directly from the source.  He now knew what most of the neighborhood’s men looked like with their pants around their ankles and a fully hard cock pointing at his face.  He knew if they wore boxers or briefs. He knew the sounds they made when they came, and he knew what their jizz tasted like.  The only familiar crotches he had not see close up, were his two best friends.  He had avoided them since his brother had started selling off his mouth for use,  and so far they had not joined all the other guys he knew in lining up for a blowjob.

Then his brother showed up and told him tonight was going to be special, only two dicks to service, Pete and Joe, his best friends since childhood.

They had held off using his mouth until now, out of respect for the lifelong camaraderie,  however, enough is enough. If their friend was a cocksucker, then it was time they got their cocks sucked.  They also decided that they should be the ones to pop his cherry and christen his new cunt.  His best friends, who were both hung, will stretch him out and teach him how to take a big slab of raw meat in his ass using only spit for lube.  They will teach him how to properly serve two men at the same time.  The first and second loads of cum shot into his ass will be thiers. Thier loads will forever be a part of him.  He will never forget his first time being used as a fuck hole. He will never forget the looks in his best friends eyes as he ceases to be thier friend.

Pete and Joe had arranged and paid for the honor of being the first men to fuck him in the ass.  It seemed like the proper way for them to say goodbye to a friend and hello to a cumdump whore.

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