He was always an arogant cocky little bastard.  Strutting around with his shirt off, boasting he could fuck any girl on campus. His tight hairy body attracting stares as he strode across the common.

He went too far when he actually did fuck my girl.  He ruffied her drink and took advantage.  Instead of reporting the rape, I decided to take matters into my own hands.    Now he his feeling no pain, the drugs have relaxed him.  I spread his legs and took the picture.  With the image, his craigslist ad was complete…

“Horny, closeted fag, looking to come out.
Need real men to teach me how to properly
turn my virgin ass into a well used cum dump.
My body is yours to use as you please.  
Navaho Hotel, Route 6, Room 128.”

Once the ad was posted online, I walked over, flipped him onto his stomach and pulled down my shorts, exposing a rock hard, 8” slab of meat.  With a little spit for lube I rammed my cock into his virgin ass, as hard as I could.  Even in his drugged out state, this caused him to jump and scream.  I slapped my hand across his mouth and started pumping my cock between those hairy cheeks.  His hole was warm and tight.  This was a grudge fuck, and I made sure it hurt.  I was piledriving his cunt, making sure the pull out completely on each stroke, before ramming into him full force, deep as I could get.  The first shot of cum was delivered into his hole, before pulling out,  the rest of my jizz was plastered across his hairy ass.  I wanted whoever showed up next to see his now stretched out hole, surrounded by cum.  I pulled up my shorts, grabbed all of his clothes and walked out, leaving the door to the room wide open.

I saw him on Monday, walking across campus.  He no longer had the same strut in his step.

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