There you go boy, that warm feeling inside you is two weeks of my built up jizz flooding your guts.  Feel my meat thickening as it unloads all that thick, creamy ball juice deep in you. 

It took some work to get all nine inches of Marine meat in that tight, little cunt of yours, but it was worth it.  A little spit, and some hard thrusting and your hole stretched out to accommodate my girth and length.  Now your ass is all wet and sloppy.  Yeah, fuck, now you are gaping and loose, just like a slut should be.  I can’t believe a little cock whore, like you, isn’t dripping marine jizz out of your cunt twenty four hours a day.

Hell, you met my buddy and me in the hotel bar less than thirty minutes ago and I have already dumped a load in you.  Now my friend is going to take a turn.  Consider yourself lucky, not a lot of sluts can get such grade “A” specimens of manhood to use them…and we are going to use you all weekend long.  By Sunday night you will be overflowing with cum.

You will be jerking off for months remembering how good our meat felt stretching out that cunt of yours.

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