“Do you need some help with that?” Pete asks the man showering after his workout.

Most people would have taken Pete for a real man. Big muscular guy with a dark beard. He has fooled a lot of people in his life. However here in the gym he cannot hide his true nature. 

He tries to be discrete with his furtive glances at other guys crotches, but he can’t help but stare at the bulges in their gym shorts. Most of the guys at the gym had him pegged as a locker room cum dump within a week of him joining. In the showers, with his little cock exposed, it was obvious, he was never going to satisfy a woman. With the way he stared at other guys cocks, it was also obvious he had no desire to satisfy a woman. his desires were to satisfy men. 

Before long the men of the gym recognized and acknowledged these desires and started to act on them. By week two Pete was spending more time on his knees in the showers than working out in the weight room. 

None of the men at the gym were interested in him as anything other than a hole to get off in. Pete wasn’t a friend or a workout partner, he was just another piece of equipment at the gym. An object with a specific purpose, to drain men’s balls.

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