Still think that size doesn’t matter? You should ask your girlfriend, I mean ex-girlfriend, if she noticed the difference. She seemed to enjoy getting stretched out and fucked by a real man, for a change. I gotta say, her pussy felt almost virgin when I pushed this big boy into her. Your little dick had not opened her up at all. She told me that I had showed her what real fucking was like and that there was no way she would ever accept inferior sex again.

Since you obviously won’t be fucking her, or any of the other women on campus, once word gets out of your “skills”, I am going to train you up to bring pleasure to men instead. Your dick is never to satisfy anyone, but it looks like you got a nice little ass under those boxers. Pull those down and bend over for me.

Yeah, you got a pretty little hole back here. Now as I ram my fat cock into you, I want to hear you explain to me again why size doesn’t matter.

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