The rival team kidnapped him and locked him in this bedroom.  As punishment for cheating during the last game, he was informed that every man on the team, including equipment managers and the towel boy, were going to cum in his ass. They were going to fuck him in order of cock size, smallest to largest, so that he stayed tight for everyone.  The plan worked, as the last guy, who was hauling around 11" worth of cock, slid into the well fucked ass he could see the pain in the jock’s eyes as his meat stretched that cum filled hole a little wider and a little deeper than previously.

A photo was taken as each guy finished dumping a load.  Each image showed the jock’s face and ass.  The progression from image one to image twenty two was amazing.  In image one, he looked scared and his asshole was a tight little rosebud.  In image twenty two, seen above, his ass was ruined, a gaping jizz filled cunt, that would never be tight again.

The progression of photos was emailed to all of his teammates, using his phone.  The images were accompanied by the text “I am a faggot cum whore, please fuck me."  His teammates assumed the e-mail came from him, and ran a train on his newly loosened hole.  One week later, after he was fully turned out and being used daily as a cum dump by his teammates an additional  three photos were sent.  The first showed him standing, bent over, looking back at the giant grizzly bear behind him.  The grizzly bear, the rival team mascot, had a massive twelve inch cock sticking out thru the outfit.  The second photo showed the grizzly grabbing his shoulders and pulling him back onto the massive meat halfway up his ass.  The third and final photo showed a close up of a cum covered cock sticking out thru a slit in a brown furry costume, the jocks ruined hole inches away and dripping cum.

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