Pool water, sadly, is the opposite of lube

The bitches cunt was raw from the friction.  The only thing that would ease the burning in his tight fuck chute was a load of smooth, creamy jizz from the swim team captain.  The fact that the friction burn was caused by the captain’s thick meat did not enter his thoughts. 
Very quickly the pain/pleasure from the pool water lubed cock was building to an unbearable level.  Just when he thought he could not take any more, the captain threw his head back and unleashed a torrent of cum into his cunt.  The cum felt amazing as it shot from the captain’s cock directly into his ass.  All of the pain was worth it to feel like this.  Suddenly, he realized his purpose in life.
He was soon begging the other members of the swim team to use him like the cum whore he had now become.
His teammates were happy to oblige, filling him with dozens of loads after every practice and meet.

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