The guys on the team knew that on the secluded section of beach, there was no pussy for miles.  The jocks wanted to get away, but the idea of two weeks of no sex worried them.  Ten jocks sharing a house without a release for their testosterone was a recipe for disaster.  All that built up ball juice would make them tense and aggressive, soon they would be fighting amongst themselves just to release the built up frustration.  Then someone suggested bringing along one of the rookies for use as a cum dump.  This was a perfect solution, no chicks to ruin the bro’s only vacation, but a pair of holes that the jocks could use as a release for built up jizz.  In fact it worked out better than they planned, as the rookie was used to strengthen the bond between the team members.  They found that spit roasting and double penetrating the rookie required teamwork, good communication skills and stamina.

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