Alright rookies, This may seem a little awkward at first, but you will be doing your teammates a great service, taking care of their needs.

As you know, we have been stressing your roles in helping out the team and doing what is necessary to achieve the win. Now we are going to ask more of you. Step forward and bend over the sawhorses set up in front of you, then take the tub of Vaseline, put a glob on your fingers and pass the tub down to your fellow rookies.

It’s a team building experience. The first rookie to drink too much and pass out, gets marked. Each of the other members of the team step up and glaze his face in warm cum.

Cock after cock busting a nut on his sleeping form. It is a bonding experience to stand in a circle with your teammates and jerk off together. Everyone working together towards a common goal. Cheering each other on as you work up a load and aim it at the unconscious rookies face. A shared experience, like this, make the team stronger and more cohesive.

Unfortunately, for the rookie, he was not part of the bonding experience, except as a target. All his teammates had used him as a cum rag, and its hard to be buddies with a guy once you have jizzed on his face, it just does not feel right. He was therefore an outsider on the team.  His teammates kept their distance. Unconsciously, they now thought of him as a faggot, even though he had done nothing but get drunk and pass out. When the looked at him they saw themselves cumming on his face and only a fag would let an entire team bust a nut on them, right? It was not long before the rookie started to get used to relieve tension. Four of his teammates held him down and forced him to suck cock. Word spread quickly and soon the entire team was using his mouth to get off. From there is was a small step to flip him over and fuck him in the ass. He was bent over the bench and fucked doggy style while sucking his teammate’s cocks.  Soon the rookie was the locker room cum dump. The team lined up at both ends and ran a spit roast train on him after every practice. 

Turns out gang banging a hole in the locker room all season long is also a good team building exercise. All that bonding worked wonders on the field as well. The team came in first in their division.

A couple of hours of hard, strenuous training with his junk packed into his sweaty jock strap makes him horny and nothing feels better than a warm, wet hole wrapped around his hard cock. That’s what rookies are for, after all. It makes them feel useful, like they are contributing to the team.

Coach decided that he was going to train this rookie, quick and hard.  Every time he felt teeth, the kid got a belt strap across his ass. This had a double purpose, first his cock sucking skills improved greatly, second his ass was tender, red and inviting. His new teammates will enjoy running a train on that!

It was amazing.  We were in the locker room. I pulled my cock out of my jock, and the rookie was down on his knees in front of me in seconds.  My cock slid down his tight throat, opening it up like a hot knife cutting thru butter.  It felt so good, I blew my load deep in his mouth within minutes. 

You gotta try him out.