I woke up to the sounds of someone hurriedly trying to get his stuff together. A mixture sound of panic and fear and disbelief all rolled into one.

I don’t blame him. A night ago he was the hot jock on spring break. His hot jock body had no issues with attracting girls. He was the man his frat bros looked up to and was the star of what ever fucking sport he applied himself to. 

But when he wakes up this morning, he found himself in some stranger’s hotel room, naked except for one sock that is still on his feet. He looked down at himself and found his cock soft while usually at this time it would have been rock hard with a morning boner. Instead, he found a trail from his cock to the top of his abs, still drying on his skin. From the volume he knows he must have shot his load multiple time. And his face is sticky. He reached his hand up and found his face coated with something drying. He looked at his fingers and knew beyond a doubt that it is cum. And as much as he wanted to think so, he knew it wasn’t his. Some guy cum on his face. He probably didn’t want to know why there is this weird taste in his mouth. 

But all that pales in comparison to what is really bothering him. His ass. His fucking ass is burning like it was ripped open. And it is wet. Wet and empty. He didn’t want to believe what happened. He didn’t even want to think. 

I watched as he stumbled to the washroom. I heard the water run and him cleaning himself up. I smiled at the sounds of him furiously brushing and scrubbing himself. The shower was way too long. 

When he finally finished and turned the corner he started at the sight of me. I guess the shock of the morning after completely shut his brain down. He never even checked the other bed and it didn’t even register with him that the other man is still in the room. 

He looked at me and saw that cock was rock hard and pointing towards him. “Good morning.” I said.

He didn’t answer. Instead he tried to walk around me to get to the room, to get to his clothes. I turned slightly so he can get pass, but that instead had the accidental, or not so accidental, effect of my cock brushing against his hip. He jumped. 

He nearly tripped over himself as he hurried into the room, trying to find his clothes in the middle of all the chaos. 

“We had so much fun last night.” I said. “I loved how you took my cock in deep like a trooper. I can tell you haven’t been fucked much.  You were so tight when I first fucked you. And god damn. I had never seen a guy cum that much from getting fucked. It was like your cock is on fire and load after load just blasted all over your abs while I had your legs up over my shoulder as I rammed into your hole. About half way into the fuck you were really fucking loving it. No offence, but you were such a fucking whore for cock and it was fucking hot. You were really moaning and whimpering and you were so into it. Hell, you were bucking back at me like a total slut and I hardly had to fuck you. You fucking milked my load out man.”

He found his underwear. It was ripped. 

“Yeah, man, you were so loud. I had to quiet you down with your underwear but you just ripped at it with your teeth. Hell, when I finally blow a load up your ass, you begged me to shove it in your mouth so you can clean me off. You are one kinky bastard. I’ll be honest with you man. I had my doubts. I saw what you did to that underwear of yours.” I told him as he threw his underwear down. 

“But shit man, you weren’t that experienced because you keep gagging on my cock. But hell if you didn’t give it the old frat boy try. You were really licking it and sucking it. But you didn’t stop there. You got me hard again in your mouth. You tried taking it a few times but you just keep choking and gagging. Finally you just told me to grab your face and fuck it, ignore your gagging and choking and just fucking use that face. Damn if you didn’t take it like a trooper. You were like gagging and your eyes are watering but you just let me hold that head and fuck your face like a pussy. You brought your fucking A game man. You opened your mouth wide for my load, but I was so fucking excited that I shot all over your face. Hell, you still got a few good shots in your mouth, which you tasted real good before swallowing, but your face was completely coated too. Hell, you loved the taste so much that you immediately took my cock in your mouth again and kept sucking until I got hard again.”

He was bent over the bed and looked like he was about to cry. He grabbed at a t-shirt blindly and tried to put it on. Only that was my shirt and it is too small for him. He threw it down in frustration. 

“Hell, once you got me hard again, you fucking begged me to fuck you again. I was a little surprised because your ass was so red and raw you know? But you begged like such a needy cockslut that I had to give it to you. And you really manned up about it this time too. I mean the first time you were all moaning and gasping in pain and shit, but this time you wanted it rough. Like you fucking begged me to ram it in hard and fuck you like a bitch. This time you weren’t moaning, but man it was hot. You just kept telling me how badly you need it and how your jock cunt was hungry for big fat cock. You held your own legs up in the air like a whore and plead for cock up your frat boy pussy. Hell, I didn’t even know you were in a frat until you keep begging for it up your frat cunt and your frat boy pussy and you keep referring to yourself as a frat bitch. I bet you aren’t getting it from your frat bros. That’s why you were so wild for it last night huh? Fuck man, your ass definitely wasn’t tight anymore after that fuck. It was tight before, but at the end of it I was really feeling why you keep calling it a jock pussy. But I still loved it. That third load I shot up your loose cunt still felt damn good.” I told him as he got down on all fours to try and grab for his jeans under the bed. 

I walked up behind him. I spat on his exposed hole. He stiffened and tried to stand up but I rammed my cock deep inside him in one long stroke. He let out a whimpering scream. “You whore. So fucking early in the morning and you are already bending over and exposing yourself to tease me. Well you want it up your shitter, you are getting it up your shitter. Arch that back. That’s it. There we go. Your sweet jock cunt knows that it is about. I love how it gets so fucking hot for cock that your frat pussy milks my fucking cock. You were definitely born to be fucked like a bitch. I am really surprised man. Your lacrosse team mates should be fucking gang banging your ass by now. I bet that’s what you want huh? The whole fucking team ramming you after a game. The celebratory fuck when the team wins. But I bet you want them to lose huh? You want to feel that them rough you up and ripped your hole apart as they take their frustration out on your pussy when they lose the game. I bet your would even purposely lose the game so they can punish you by fucking you so hard that you can’t even walk home huh?”

I grabbed his hair, pulled his head back and stopped fucking him. “Is that what you want huh? Tell me. What do you want?”

“I want to get fucked.” He moaned. 

“Louder!” I screamed at him. 

“I want to get fucked!” He screamed. 

“Who do you want to get fucked by?” I asked, pulling out and ramming in deep. 

“You. You! I want to get fucked by you!” He yelled as I picked up the speed.

“Who else? Who do you want to gang bang your ass?” I demanded. 

“Fuck fuck. The fucking team. The whole fucking team.” He yelled. 

“Which team huh? Fucking tell me!” I slapped his ass. 

He was completely lost in fuck lust. “The whole fucking D*** University Lacrosse Team! I want my team mates to gang bang me!” I can feel him cumming below me. He didn’t even touch himself. 

“That’s right boy. You fucking team pussy. Take it. Fucking take my fucking load!” I roared as I let a load into his ass. 

He collapsed to the ground. His eyes were closed and I think he is passed out. I stood up. I heard noises from the door. I walked over and opened it. I smirked at what I found outside. 5 guys are there. 2 of them are from next door. My little jock bitch did not realize that my hotel room was right next to one where some of his team mates are staying. Guess they had guests over. And they heard everything.

They looked at me, fully naked, my cock still hard and dripping cum to the floor. They looked past me to see their team mate fucked to a passed out state on the floor. I flicked my cock absent mindedly and drops of my cum fly out, some of which hitting the bare leg of the guy standing in front. I recognize him. He isn’t a team mate of the bitch that is passed out on my floor. But he is his frat bro and best friend. 

“Come back later. I am busy.” I told them before shutting the door with a smirk. 

Later that day, I heard yelling and shouting and arguing from my next door neighbours. There sounds to be a fight breaking out but the noises soon changed. The steady hitting of the headboard against the wall leaves little doubt in my mind what is happening. 

I flirted with the idea of giving myself an invitation to the fun. But I decided against it. I don’t like sharing toys especially after it’s been used. 

I walked around the hotel, exploring around when in a darker hallway I found someone sitting on a bench. To my surprise I know this person. It was the best friend of my jock bitch, sitting all by himself. I walked up to him and stood over him. He looked up when my shadow fell over him. 

“Why aren’t you in that room fucking your buddy?” I asked him. 

“Fuck you.” He spat out, looking away. 

I grabbed his face and turned him back to face him. “There are only very few reasons.” I said. “One is that your cock is too small. But I know that can’t be true because I saw your hard cock in those shorts when I opened the door this morning. The second is that the entire scene disgusts you, but once again your hard cock this morning proved otherwise. So that leaves only one option.” I took my hand off his face, and, right in front of him, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my rapidly hardening cock out. 

“The last reason.” I continued. “Is because you don’t want to be the one fucking. You want to get fucked just like him.” My cock got completely hard and I started to slap his face with my cock. He didn’t move away, instead staring at my cock. “Yeah, I know your type. You didn’t even move when I flicked my cum on you this morning. The type of jock pussy that is born to be used.”

“Feel this cock? Feel this hard cock slapping your face?” I asked him. “Come on, why don’t you open your mouth and suck on it." 

He looked past my hard cock and up to my face. I smirked at him. “Open up. You won’t be the first jock bitch to get a taste of my cock.” 

He opened his mouth. I let him suck me in. He bobbed his head up and down my cock right there in the hotel hallway. After a couple of minutes, I pulled out. 

I rubbed my wet cock all over his face. “What sport do you play huh?” 

He hesitated before answering. “Football.”

"Yeah, you have the built for it.” I said. “And I am going to fuck that muscled body of yours like the football bitch you are." 

He didn’t answer, but he didn’t shy away while I rub his face full of his saliva and my cock juice.

"Let’s go to your room.” I said. “Your room mate is busy getting his ass gang banged by his team mate anyway.” He flinched at the reality of what is happening to his friend.

“No.” He said. “My team mates are next door." 

I didn’t answer. I put my cock away into my jeans. I reached into his pocket, my hands rested against his hard cock for a few seconds while I searched for his wallet. I smirked at his hard cock while he blushed. I pulled out his wallet and took out his room key card. 

I tossed the wallet onto his crotch. "I will see you in your room.” I said. “And if you are lucky, I will fuck you so good that you will confess everything to your team mates. Just like your buddy did this morning. Make your fantasies come true." 

I walked away, flicking that key card around my fingers.

Within seconds, I heard foot steps behind me.


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