Pete, the blond on the left, was the team’s good luck charm.  He no longer fought the tradition, he has accepted his place and doesn’t pull on his shorts until his mates are done using him.  His teammates were all going to blow a load of jizz in his ass prior to taking the field.  It started when one of the forwards saw Pete bent over picking up a dropped bar of soap in the shower, cliched but true.  The Forward rammed his thick cock into Pete’s tight hole and fucked him hard using soap and spit for lube.  After using Pete, he felt relaxed and energized.  On the field afterwards, he played the best match of his career. 

Prior to the next match, he raped Pete’s hole again, for luck.  As he shot his load in Pete’s cunt, two Full-Backs entered the shower and saw Pete bent over taking cock.  The Forward explained that dumping a load in Pete was good luck, and that the Full-Backs should give it a try.  They eagerly shoved their massive dicks into Pete and each dropped a load.  Again, all three played a great game. 

Word spread as quickly as Pete’ ass cheeks, and soon the entire team was fucking him.  The gang bang prior to each match, made the team bond and  unite towards a common goal, filling Pete with jock spooge.

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