OK boy, you feel that?  I have my meat nestled deep in your ass crack.  Once we get back in the locker room, I will complete my domination of you.  I will split your ass cheeks again, but next time my thick cock will slide between your cheeks and into your ass.  I will fuck you hard and deep.  My load will lube you up and make your new boy cunt slick and ready.  Then I will pimp your ass out to any guy who wants to dump a load, five bucks a fuck.  This afternoon, you are going to be bent over a bench and raped by the entire Trojan wrestling team, and none of them will be using a Trojan.  Once all my teammates are done breeding you with jock spooge, I will text some of your teammates and give them a crack at your crack.  You are going to be a five dollar whore.  By the time we close this gym tonight you will have had the pleasure of servicing dozens of young jocks, including all of your friends.

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