Swap meets are the perfect place to pick up white trash for use as cum dumps.  They can be had for a bargain and if you haggle with the person in charge of the booth, you can usually get them to throw in a pack of irregular tube socks as part of the deal.  The socks are useless as footwear, but can be used to gag the fag as he learns to pull a train.  I spent $27.50 for this one.  I then spent another $22 for the motel room.  Put up flyers at the truck stop, couple bars and the bowling alley.  Made my money back in the first two hours.  At two dollars per fuck, he had to take a lot of cock, but that’s why he was there.  Actually turned a nice profit by Sunday afternoon.  On Sunday evening I dropped the jizz filled trash off at the truck stop where he will continue to take cock at the glory hole. All in all a nice way to spend a weekend upstate.



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