As the towel boy is bent over with John pounding away deep in his tight, little hole (MVP always goes first) he checks out the rest of the team’s starting lineup as they wait their turn to ass rape him.  He has learned a few things in the past several weeks.

1.  Quarterbacks have the best technique, probably learned from fucking all those cheerleaders.

2.  Tight ends are the roughest.

3.  Kickers fuck like jackrabbits (quick, short strokes) and cum quickest

4.  Linebackers have the biggest cocks.  Brad, number 77, always goes last because the thick 11" meat he is packing is a cunt destroyer and makes it to loose for others to follow.  Not sure if its due to cock size, but linebackers also fuck longer and shoot bigger loads.

5.  Jock straps do not prevent the jizz loads from dripping out of a well fucked hole and running down towel boy thighs on the way home from the stadium.  Compression shorts are a better choice on game night.

The towel boy has also learned that his place in life is bent over taking cock in the ass raw and that at least five hard fucks and breeding’s are required to loosen and lubricate his hole so he can take Brad’s monster dick without losing consciousness.

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