It has a mind of it’s own.  Damn thing gets hard every time it senses a bitch in heat. Millions of years of evolution have made this thing a heat seeking missile. Its purpose is to seek out holes that are ready to be bred, force its way inside, pound them over and over and until it fills them to overflowing them with loads of hot jizz. I do not know how it knows, but it has never been wrong, when it senses a hole needs filling, it plumps up and and starts throbbing until it gets where it belongs, inside of some horny bitch.

Since we are alone, this must mean that you are a bitch.  Is that true, roomie? Are you nothing more than a hole that needs to be filled? Has evolution done something similar to you? Is your ass twitching at the sight of my cock.  Does it sense the presence of an alpha male that needs to breed?  You feel the need to be filled by my meat, don’t you…….bitch?

I think we need to get my cock together with your hole.  Evolution demands it. So bend over and let me force my thickness inside of you. We will both feel better, like we have served our purpose in life, once my seed is dripping out of your stretched out cunt.

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