He did not need to hold my head in place.  I had been fully trained.  Every day since the semester began my roommate would walk into my room at 7:30am, put me on my knees and jerk off into my mouth.  Every day for the past five months, I had swallowed a load of his cum.  At first I was shocked, then I tried fighting him, regardless of my protests he shot a load in my mouth, every single morning.  Now I was addicted.  I would wake up at 6:00am and lay there waiting for him to enter and feed me.  When I heard my door open, I would immediately roll out of bed and assume my kneeling position with my mouth stretched wide. The morning feedings were never mentioned, for the rest of the day we were just typical college roommates.  None of our other roommates or friends knew about our morning routine.  Still we both knew that he was the better man and I was his willing cum dump.  

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