My roommate’s used jock smells like him. It is a totally masculine scent.  A combination of testosterone, Irish Spring and ball sweat. I get hard huffing on the odor. Imagining the slightly damp pouch cradling his nuts while his thick cock is stretching out the mesh. He is the man, I always wanted to be.

Watching my roommate get ready for the day. 

Fresh out of the shower, a wet towel wrapped his waist, his lean, muscular body, still wet. When he bends over to pick up his sneakers, my bone instantly goes hard. 

Today is the day.

I step up behind him and rip off his towel. Grabbing his hips firmly, I bury my bone, deep inside of him. My roommate has just become my live-in fuck bitch.

Got home from the bars on Saturday night, drunk and horny.  Decided I needed to bust a nut before I would be able to get to sleep.  Went into my roommate’s room, grabbed his sleeping head, pulled him up and shoved my hard cock into his mouth.  Even before he was fully awake, he started instinctively sucking on my meat. I let him drain my balls, patted him on the head and went back to my room and fell quickly asleep.  

It’s great having a faggot for a roommate.

Over the past few weeks my roommate has become less subtle in his desires. Since the night two weeks ago when we both got drunk, and I ended up sucking a load out of his cock, things have changed.  It was supposed to be a reciprocal blowjob, just two frustrated, horny guys helping each other out. However, once he emptied his nuts, he rolled over and fell asleep, leaving me hanging.  Every day since then he has made me suck his dick. I have become his personal cum dump. 

He no longer wears pants around the apartment. His boxers are often tented out. He will start to grope himself, then he will signal that it is time for me to get on my knees. He has not talked to me since that first time, and other than the blowjobs he no longer even acknowledges my presence. I am no longer his friend and roommate. I have become nothing more than an object in the apartment to him. A thing that he cums into several times a day.

We have all night to train you. You are not leaving here until you are able to deep throat a cock without gagging. We will start with the dildo, then once you have learned to cover your teeth and open your throat, we will move on to the real thing.

You must have really pissed of your roommate. He paid me, really well, to turn you into a professional cocksucker. Said he has plans for you. Told me you were going earn your way from now on.

Oh well, that’s for you and him to work out. My job is just your oral training. So, let’s continue. Remember to focus on controlling your gag reflex, you need to get this whole thing in your throat.

Your roommate broke up with his girl two weeks ago.  Has not had a lot of luck hooking up since then. After fucking her every day for the past six months, he has definitely missed it over the past two weeks. Tonight he decides he needs to bust a nut into a tight, warm hole, or he is going to go mad. Unfortunately for you, he has determined that your hole is the one he plans to fuck. He has seen you checking him out as he walks around the apartment in his boxers. He knows that you will be unable to fight him off, even if you want to. So before the night is over you are going to have his nut inside of you. He is going to hold you down and force his eight inch cock right up your ass. Fucking you hard and deep, not caring for a moment if you want this to happen or if it hurts to have your virginity taken by a horny dude, just looking to bust a nut. You are nothing more than a place to stick his dick. He wont be gentle. He is fucking to dump a load, nothing more. 

This will not be a one time deal either.  Once he realizes how easy it is to have a cunt available for use at home, he is going to be fucking you all of the time.  You are going to have his cum dripping out of your ass seven days a week. Anytime he is not hooking up with a girl, he will be spreading your legs. 

You are going to be his fuck bitch from now on.