“Say cheese bitch, smile for the camera”. 

I opened my eyes and found myself looking right at my best friend’s camera phone. I heard the click of a snap being taken.

“Now that I have your attention, we need to review what is happening here.  You are slurping on my meat, and will continue to do so.  From now on you are my personal cock sucking bitch.  Unless you want everyone you know to receive this picture, you will do anything I say.”

I just knelt in front of him, listening to the words he was speaking, while he started pumping his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat.

“I cannot believe you hid the fact that you were a fag from me.  We have known each other since we were in kindergarten.  You should have been swallowing my jizz since puberty.  We are going to have to make up for a lot of lost time.  You will be sucking loads out of me morning, noon and night.”  As he told me what my new life as his cock sucking cum dump would be like, he grabbed my head firmly in his hands and started to skull fuck me hard.  He was pounding his cock into me.  His balls slapping against my face, my nose getting crushed into his pubes.  “Might as well get used to this fag, I don’t care if you enjoy it, I am going to use you rough and hard.  You are no longer my friend, that ended the moment my cock entered your mouth.  Now you are just a warm hole to fuck and a place to dump a load.”  As he spoke those words he shot his load in my mouth. Tasting his thick, creamy load, I knew my life would never be the same again.

“I have to meet some friends now, but be at my house tonight at eight.  I am going to cunt you and turn your ass out.  Your hole is going to be gaping open and filled with my jizz before I go to sleep tonight.”

“Don’t even think of not showing up.  I know where you live and every single one of your friends.  If you are not at my house at 8:00 ready to get fucked hard and raw, at 8:01 I send the photo of you sucking my cock to everyone we know”

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