He looked so cute and innocent laying there, but I knew the truth, my roommate was a mean, dominant alpha male, who loved putting me in my place.  My job this morning, like every morning, was to crawl over to his bed and gently release his eleven inch cock from the sweat pants he slept in and take care of his morning hard-on by sucking a load of cum from his balls.  Once I had licked his cock clean, I was to wait at the edge of his bed on my knees with my mouth open, wearing only a jockstrap, until he decides to get up.  He will then stand up, pat me condescendingly on the head and pee in my mouth.  He has told me that he hates walking down the hall to the communal toilets in the morning, the cold tile does not feel good, so he has turned me into his human urinal to save him the trip.  I eagerly drink down his piss, knowing if I do not swallow it all, he will make me spend the rest of the day covered in whatever urine drips out.

The rest of my day will be spent bent over taking his cock, and the cocks of his friends, up my ass.  Typically, he will go to the gym, work out, then return to the dorm with his workout buddies, to run a train on my cunt.  filling me with load after load of jock jizz.  When we are alone, I am usually relegated to my spot under his desk.  I will kneel under there working his meat, while he studies.  

My roommate has turned me into a cock hungry, cum dump, with no job more important than making sure his thick cock is fully serviced at all times.

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