Tonight is initiation night , where I become a full member of the team.  It has been a rough couple of weeks, but I made it thru.  The guys have been very supportive, telling me every day that I have what it takes.  That I will be a ideal fit for a missing talent on the team.  They keep referring to a hole that needs to be filled. The team has been running me ragged, working out and training twice a day, with a lot of focus on building my stamina, and flexibility.  It has really paid off, as I can now bend in ways never before possible.
As part of the initiation, this morning they had me shave off all the hair on my body below the eyebrows.  It feels a little weird, being all smooth.  But the guys all complimented me and said it made me look perfect for my new role on the team.
I still have to change into my uniform, including the jock strap they gave me in the team colors.  Then I am ready to head over to the gym.  
For some reason, the initiation ceremony will take place in the locker room.  I was told it may take all night, but that by morning I will be fully trained to take my proper place and position on the team.  
The only hint I was given about the ceremony is that each of the senior members are going to give me something big.  I can’t wait.

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