Locker room cum dump getting ready for the team.  He knows this is the last chance he will have to stand up straight or to touch his cock for the next several hours.  He tries to position his cock to cause the least amount of pain as he is used.  But he knows, from past experience, it will start to hurt soon.  His meat will try to get erect as his teammates start feeding him cock, but trapped in his cup, it will only be able to twist around and attempt to seek escape.  His teammates enjoy seeing, and feeling, him squirm as his neglected cock tries to plump up to full size.  In fact, they bought him a new cup (boys size medium) that he now has to wear all the time, not just during and after practice.  He continually begs his teammates to release him from confinement as he pulls the train, but they only laugh.  In fact, it has become a good luck tradition on the team to rap your knuckles on his cup every time you dump a load in him.

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