The glory hole fag is a very specific subset of faggot.  They are amongst the lowest forms of fag.  Less than a man, they exist only to be filled with jizz.
1. Glory hole fags care only about servicing the dicks of real men.  They live to make anonymous cocks feel good.  
2. Glory hole fags are focused.  Most fags will rub a man’s thighs, while blowing them, look into a man’s eyes as a load is taken, or feel a man’s hairy chest rubbing against their back as they are being fucked in the ass. A GH fag only sees and feels the man’s cock, and maybe balls, nothing more.  Their entire world is cock…What it looks like, what it feels like, what it tastes like.  This focus makes them experts on how to make a man’s meat feel good.
3. Glory hole fags are true cum dumps.  They love the feeling of warm slick loads in their open and willing holes.  Men using glory holes never pull out, they are putting their cock thru the hole with the intention of cumming. I have never seen a condom used in a glory hole, all dicks poking thru the hole are raw, and the fag takes them that way.  Glory holes are not one shot deals, most GH fags will spend hours in a dirty stall taking dick after dick, until they are cum drunk, thinking about nothing but the next anonymous load of jizz being pumped into them. 
4. Glory hole fags are holes in the truest sense of the word.  The men using a glory hole fag don’t care about what the fag looks like, they don’t care about the kind of day he is having, if he is tired or if his knees hurt, they only care about emptying their balls in a warm convenient hole.

If, the above description made your cunt itch a little, then you were made to service men.  Give in and become the hole you were always meant to be.  Find the nearest truck stop, rest stop or cowboy bar, and set yourself up in the toilet.  Both you and the cocks you service will be much happier.

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