Three A.M. in the communal showers of the dorm. 

Pete’s could no longer lay in bed trying to sleep, horniness got the best of him.  For the past week, he was unable to get sleep, thinking about cock.  He realized he could not go another day surrounded by all these college men, without admitting that he wanted to serve them.

Knowing that guys went to the showers late at night to rub one out without bothering their roommates, Pete decided to wait in the corner and offer to suck off the next guy who showed up.

Pretty soon it became common knowledge that Pete would offer his holes to any late night boners.  Starting around 2:30 A.M. lines would form at each end and Pete would get spit roasted by his classmates for several hours.  Everybody in the dorm, including Pete, slept more soundly for the rest of the semester.

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