“Hey roomie, we need to talk.”

My roommate Kevin, had just come back from a run and was wearing only a bright yellow pair of nylon shorts and his sneakers.  He had a tee shirt in his hand and was wiping the sweat on his chest with it.  He kept glancing at my cock, which was straining to escape the confines of my blue briefs, but did not say anything.

“I was in the park this afternoon, saw you jogging, and tried to get your attention, but you were focused on getting to the toilet.  I assumed you had to pee really bad, so I waited outside for you to finish.  After ten minutes, you still had not re-emerged, so I went in, to see if you were ok.”  As I told my story Kevin went pale.  The look on his face was pure horror, he dropped down on his bed, unable to look me in the eyes.  “Imagine my surprise, upon entering the dirty little building and instead of you, I find a line of men facing the toilet stall.   The lead guy in line is grabbing the top of the partition and forcefully ramming his ten inch cock into a hole in the plywood.  He is pounding the partition so hard, I thought it would rip off the wall.  It was at that moment I noticed that under the partition was a set of hairy legs with a pair of bright yellow nylon shorts bunched up at the ankles.  I was shocked by what I was seeing, and it took me a moment to process the scene. The most important element that came into focus, was that the sneakers at the base of those hairy legs were pointed away from the partition.  I took note that the guy pounding into the glory hole let out a deep moan and stepped back.  In the few seconds before the next guy stepped up to the partition, I saw a hairy little cunt pressed against the hole, with cum dripping out.  Suddenly it all made sense and my mind comprehended fully what was happening, so I did what any good roommate would do…..I got in line.”

I walked over to where Kevin was sitting on the edge of his bed and stepped up close.  My bulging crotch was less than an inch from his face.

“I gotta tell you bud, your cunt felt great.  My cock slid right in, since you were pre-lubed by at least eight loads.  Inside you were wet, slick and warm.  I was stunned that my meat was still able to stretch your well used hole out a bit.  I guess none of the other guys had a beer can thick slab of beef.  Once I shot off in you, I felt a little guilty, but quickly got over it and stepped back in line.  I came inside of you twice this afternoon and I am ready to go again.  I really like sliding into a well used cunt with with other dudes jizz making the entry smooth and wet.  Churning the white mess inside of you into a frothy mix, makes me want to fuck you even harder.”

“So my question for you is: Do you want me to fuck you here on your bed, where the excess cum in your ass can drip out making a wet spot for you to sleep in, or do you want me to take you to the showers and fuck you where our dorm mates can see and possibly join?” 

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