Watching three of his buddies using his roommate as a cum dump.  He is getting hard again knowing they are pushing a massive load of his spunk deeper into his roommates cunt. 

He turned his roommate out two nights ago.  Since then he has shot eight loads into his ass and nine down his throat.  Tonight is the first time he is pimping him out to others.  He is charging them twenty bucks each for the privilege of ass raping his roomie.  None of these guys can match his ten incher for length, but two of the three have thicker cocks than his.  Listening to his roommate moan thru the gag as he takes the second cock of his life in the ass, makes his own cock twitch and engorge.  He can’t wait to churn all that cum in his ass up into a frothy load, before adding another wad of jizz to the mix.  It turns him on knowing that he has turned his straight roommate into a cum dump whore.

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