My roommate set a trap.  He left a pair of his cum stained Fruit of the Looms on the floor next to the weight bench and positioned the web cam to record and broadcast what happened.  Once he had seen (and broadcasted) enough to insure there was no way for me to talk my way out of licking his cum stained underwear while stroking myself, he came into the room and shoved his ten inch cock in my mouth. 

For the next four hours my roommate used me like a slut.  He shot heavy loads of cum in my mouth, on my face, and deep in my ass.  As he was plowing my cunt for the second time, he pointed out the webcam and told me my coming out party was being streamed to a website called college cum whores.  He then told me that he had arranged for a dozen guys from the wrestling team to come over and use me as a cum dump.   They would each pay five dollars to empty their balls into me, making me a whore in every sense of the word.

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