This was the second week Tim was playing with us.  He had just moved to our district and was new to the team.  I had also just joined the team, transferring to this school eight weeks ago.  As the two new guys on the team, we were expected to stay behind after practice and put away the equipment.  Not a big deal, but it meant that by the time we were done the rest of the team had showered and left.

As we stripped down in the locker room, Tim started asking me about the girls in school I had fucked.  He was new in town and horny.  I told him that since I was also new in town, I had not had much luck with the ladies.  He grunted and said “thought so” under his breath.  He walked over to a shower stall and stood there, wearing his sweat soaked Adidas briefs and staring at me as I stripped down.  I was down to only my well worn jock strap, when I noticed him staring.  I stopped and looked at him. He slowly lowered his left arm, catching the waistband of his underwear on the way down.  As he pulled the front of those tight Adidas briefs lower a massive, chubbed up cock was revealed.  I stared at it for a few moments too long before realizing what I was doing.  As my eyes made it back up to Tim’s face he had a wicked smirk.

“Knew you were a fuck hole for men, the moment I met you. Now it is time for you to help me out.  I got a weeks worth of jizz built up in my balls.  Keep your jock on and bend over for me.  I am going to transfer the juice in my nut sack into your ass.”  I was stunned and not sure how to react.  As the 230 pound fullback walked over to me, the waistband of his shorts tucked under his balls and his thick slab of meat getting bigger and harder, I just stood there in shock with my mouth hanging open.  He put his right hand on my shoulder, while grabbing my jock with his right, and spun me around while simultaneously bending me over.  I heard and felt him spit on his cock and on my asshole, before pushing forward.  My scream echoed around the empty locker room as he forced 11″ of fuckmeat into my tight ass.  He slapped a hand over my mouth to muffle my screams and cries to stop.  With no regard to the pain he was causing me he started to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into me.  Each stroke stretched my hole a little wider and a little deeper, forcing me to accommodate his size, until his balls were slapping against my cheeks.  Not a word was spoken as he raped me, only his grunts and my muffled cries for help, could be heard over the flesh on flesh sounds of a hard fuck.  After what seemed like hours, his cock slowed down and started pumping loads of hot, wet cum into my ass.  I could feel the spurts hitting the back wall of my hole.  As he finished he collapsed on top of me, his thick, jock body pinning mine to the hard bench under me.  His cock still inside of me and still stiff and hard.

“Damn dude, your cunt was tight.  It gripped my cock like a virgin hole.”  I was out of breath and sobbing, but managed to say “It was a virgin hole, I don’t get fucked, I am not a fag!” 

“Really?  You are so obviously a cum whore, I figured your teammates must have been dumping loads in you since junior high.  So I just popped your cherry?  Wow, I guess you owe me,…. your welcome.” 

Tim was talking as if he had just done me a favor, instead of painfully raping me and filling me with his cum.  “What the fuck do you mean by “your welcome”, you just forced me to become your bitch!  You just raped me and dumped your load in my ass.”  I was trying to push him off of me as I said these words, but his position on top of me made it impossible,  All I was doing was squirming around a little and wearing myself out.  Tim started to move again, pushing himself up a little and slowly moving his hips.  As I was still impaled on his cock, the movement was immediately apparent in my ass.   As he started slowly fucking me again, I was aware of how full I felt and that his cum was dripping down my inner thighs. 

“Raped you, I don’t think so.  You cant rape the willing, and believe me your ass was willing.  Any virgin hole that opens up to accept cock, like yours did, is more than willing, its eager.  I just shoved 11″ of cock into you, hard, using only spit for lube and your not bleeding or torn up.  That indicates a hole that was made to pleasure real men.”  As he was telling me these things, he was slowly fucking my ass for a second time.  “You should have been helping out your teammates and friends for years, letting them use you.  It is obvious that you are a cum whore.” His fucking was speeding up and his strokes longer and harder.  I could feel more of his jizz dripping out of my abused hole as he filled me with cock.  I heard myself letting out small grunting sounds each time he pressed into me.  “Yeah, you were made for this.  Your tight hole is opening up for me, begging me to go deeper and fuck harder.”  I felt him raise up off of me to a standing position behind me, I raised myself up as well to allow him to keep going, and not slip out of my now, well lubed hole.  He chuckled, and kept going.  Grabbing the waistband of my jock he pulled me deeper onto his meat. 

“Say thank you.  Tell me how happy you are that I showed you your place as locker room cum dump.  Beg me to shoot another load in your ass.”  He was pounding me hard at this point, every fourth or fifth stroke he would pull out completely and then ram right back in.  The feeling of his thick mushroom head, popping into my no longer virgin hole, made me shoot a load into the pouch of my jock.  “That’s it, a pussy should always cum when getting fucked by a real man.  Now thank me!”  He kept fucking, getting more and more forceful as he used me.  Each stroke now fully leaving my hole before pushing back in.  He grabbed my chin and forced me to twist around and look him in the eyes.  After a few strokes in this position I looked deep into his dark eyes and whispered thank you.  This put him over the edge and he started shooting his load deep inside of me.  It felt like a fire hose had been opened up.  As he pulled out, it felt like gallons of cum came out as well.  He slapped me on the ass and walked back over to his locker.  I watched as he finally peeled of the sweat soaked yellow underwear and threw them at me.  I could not help myself as I pressed them to my nose and took a deep whiff.

He then reached into his locker and pulled out the camera he had placed there earlier.  Once the guys on the team see this, your position as locker room cum dump is assured.

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