Two weeks ago Billy got really drunk and passed out at the frat house.  It was a rush party, and his glass kept getting refilled by the bros, so he kept drinking.  He woke stiff and sore on a dirty mattress in the basement, but other than a few strange looks from the guys, nothing was mentioned about the party, so he must not have embarrassed himself too badly. Ever since that night, however his ass has felt weird, like it was slightly larger.   He could not explain why, but it also itched and tingled a little. 

Last night, after a very vigorous sex session with his girlfriend, Billy lay in bed next to her sleeping form, wondering why, having just cum twice in the past hour, he did not feel satisfied.  He still had a hard on, and was lying there slowly stroking his nine inch cock.  The itch in his ass returned, so he unconsciously started to rub his left hand against his hole.  This felt good, and soon he found himself with two fingers deep in his ass, rubbing gently as he continued to stroke himself.  His girlfriend turned over in her sleep and broke him from his trance.  Realizing what he was doing, he quickly stopped and gently got out of bed, careful not to wake her.  He quietly got dressed and started to leave.  He was wearing basketball shorts and a wife beater, and as he passed the mirror in her hall, he saw he still had a raging boner, which the nylon shorts did nothing to hide.  He figured that it was only two blocks to his dorm and since it was three in the morning, he was safe, no one would see his walk of shame.  As he stood there looking in the mirror, he checked out his own ass, and liked what he saw, a nice bubble butt.  Thinking how good his fingers felt rubbing his hole, he made a quick decision, and snuck back into the bedroom and grabbed a dildo out of the box under the bed.  He knew about the box of toys from a previous visit.  He and his girl had used some of the implements, handcuffs and massage oils, during sex.

He made it back to his dorm room, unseen and quickly stripped down.  His roommate was not home, which meant that he had hooked up and would be spending the night elsewhere.  Billy then lubed up the dildo and worked it up his tight ass.  The itching was gone and he felt full and satisfied.  Using both hands he started stroking the rubber cock in and out of his hole.  The aroused sensations in his ass intensified and he started to remember feeling this way before.  As he pummeled his own hole he had flashbacks of the rush party.  His pants pulled down and his face mashed into a dirty mattress, as guys lined up to rape him.  Dozens of horny college guys spit roasting him, and filling his holes with frat boy jizz.  He remembered cocks sliding into his mouth as he tried to fight them off, telling them, between mouthfuls of dick, that he wasn’t a fag.  He remembered his roommate flipping him onto his back and lifting his knees over his broad shoulders.  Looking into his roommate’s blue eyes as his ten inch cock slid home in his cum filled cunt.

The memories coupled with the thick dildo in his ass, caused Billy to cum, hands free, all over his pillow. As his load shot out of his rigid meat, he heard the door open behind him and his roommate say hi.

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