The rookies were told to wear cups, hats and footwear, nothing else.  Tonight was the final initiation to the team.  The rookies wrongly assumed that they would have to play tonight’s practice game dressed like this as a form of humiliation.  In fact, they never had to take the field, as the full initiation took place in the dugout. 

The cups were not there to protect the rookies cock and balls, they were there to prevent the rookies from becoming fully hard as their new teammates lined up and used their mouths and asses to get off and empty their nut sacks.  The rookies dick’s would twist and turn inside the tight confines of the cups, trying to find the space to fully engorge themselves as their prostates were rubbed by the cock heads of their teammates. The pain from the contained cocks plus the pain of having their cherries popped kept the rookies active and horny, providing additional pleasure to the varsity members of the team. 

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