We had been pledging for three weeks.  In that time we had drunk together, slept together, run around the campus in our underwear and done every humiliating thing the pledge masters could think of.  The pledging process had worked exactly as it should, weeding out the unworthy and forming a tight bond between those of us who remained.  These guys were like my brothers now and I would do anything for them.  We knew we were coming to the end of the pledging and were feeling pretty good.  Today we had a frat car wash. Each of us pledges had to raise money for the frat by washing cars in our underwear.  We looked good; after all this was the jock frat, and we showed off to bring in the soccer moms and sorority girls.  At the end of the day we gathered in the frat living room and were addressed by Steve, the president of the frat.  “Alright pledges you have done well so far, today you raised a record amount of money.  So tonight we have a treat for you.  All of you have passed the tests and are ready to become members of the house; however the induction ceremony is not until Monday night.  I want to be the first to congratulate you.  You have two more days, and a couple more minor tasks to complete, but unless you seriously fuck up, you are all in.”  We cheered and high fived each other.  This moment made all the hazing worthwhile.
“It is time to let you in on one of the best kept secrets of the frat.  You must never tell anyone outside of this room of what I am about to tell you.  The frat has determined that members need to relax, blow off built up tension and pressure.  Traditionally this is done with alcohol, however in the past this led to problems.  The best way to do this is thru sex. Therefore we have added a house hole, a cum dump to the membership.  The hole is a vitally important part of the frat, and a critical part of our success.  The hole has kept us from being pulled into a scandal like the ones that other frats have been destroyed by.  It prevents us from getting in trouble with horny frat members forcing sex upon a girl without consent.  This is a high profile school with a rigorous academic program.  On top of that we are a jock frat; all of our members belong to a team.  We have found that fit, athletic men at their sexual peak, need to get off.  If we, as a responsible organization, do not assist them in safely releasing the pent up sexual energy they get frustrated, angry, and possibly violent.  In the past ten years since we started having a frat house cum dump, the incidents of date rape, bar fights, and other similar offenses have dropped to almost zero.  The grades of our frat have also increased and as members of the school teams we have won multiple national championships.“ 

"As pledges we are requiring you to use the house cum dump.  It is part of your hazing, but it is a very pleasant part.  You are the finalists and we feel that you are all going to make it as full-fledged frat members.  Consider this a reward for all you have endured over the past few weeks.  Using the hole will prevent you from telling others outside of the frat of this tradition, and it will show you how good it feels to dump a load with no pressure.  A hole to use as a hole and nothing more.”

“Now since you are not brothers yet, we need to keep the identity of the cum dump secret, so he will be in the glory hole downstairs. The cum dump will be on the other side of the partition.  You will start by shoving your cocks thru the partition into the waiting mouth.  You will receive the best blow jobs of your life, I guarantee it.  Once you have shot your load we will take you to another room and let the next guy in line receive his blow job.  Once everyone has received oral gratification, you will return, one at a time to the hole and fuck some ass.  It will be the tightest, warmest hole you have ever stuck your dick in.  You will see how good it feels to get off in this manner.”

“Once you have used the hole, you will never be required to use it again.  As a member of the frat it is up to you if you wish to get off in this manner.  If you are getting enough pussy from the sororities or local girls, good for you.  However most of us have found that occasionally we like to get off without having to buy dinner or listen to the girls talk for hours first.  All we ask is that this remain a secret.  The existence of the cum dump and the identity must remain amongst the frat house members.”

"Pete you are up first, follow me.”  As Steve led me downstairs, I felt a little nervous.  I had never had anonymous sex before and had never used a glory hole, and never had a guy blow me.  However I was excited and my cock was tenting the front of my khakis in a big way.  We entered an empty room in the basement of the building, off to one side a cubicle had been constructed from plywood.  I could see a hole at crotch height in the side of the cubicle.  Steve put his hand on my back and guided me over.  "Okay, just unzip, pull out your meat and stick it thru the hole.“  I did as instructed and found my cock engulfed in a warm, velvety smooth mouth.  Immediately the lips closed down and suction was applied.  Steve was right this was the best blowjob I had ever received.  It felt amazing and I knew I would not last long.  I noticed some handles mounted to the partition.  I grabbed hold and forced my dick as deep as it would go.  The mouth on the other side of the plywood had no problem taking every inch and kept sucking.  Steve, who was still standing next to me leaned over and whispered in my ear.  "See how good it feels?  This is a vital service being provided.  The cum dump is an important member of the fraternity.”  He gave me a playful slap on my ass (now exposed, as my khakis had fallen to my knees) and walked to the other side of the room.  The ass slap caused me to clench and pushed me over the edge.  I flooded that mouth with splooge.  My load was sucked out and swallowed.  As I twitched slightly, my cock was licked clean.  Steve said “nice job pledge, you fucked that mouth like a man, now pull up your pants and let the next pledge get a turn.”  As I tucked my cock into my boxer briefs and zipped up my pants, Steve led me into the next room.  The room was a lounge with several chairs a couch and a big screen TV showing the football game.  At the back of the room was a bar.  Steve told me to take a seat and went to the bar.  He made me a scotch on the rocks and handed it to me.  Relax, while I go get John for his turn.
After about fifteen minutes John walked in with a big smile on his face.  "Dude, that was amazing.  Can you believe we are going to be able to use that mouth every day?”  He plopped down in the seat next to me and started watching the game.  He still had a tent in the front of his pants and every once in a while he would adjust his package to try and get it to sit right.  "I can’t wait to shoot a load in that ass.“  After a few minutes he got up and grabbed a beer from the bar.  For the next two hours the other pledges showed up at fifteen to twenty minute intervals.  Steve checked in occasionally to make sure we were doing ok.  He even made me another scotch.  The guys were all talking about how great the blowjob was.  Most were sporting visible hardons waiting for the next round.  Again, I thought how great the pledging process was working; this was definitely a bonding moment amongst us.  I could not help but look at my fellow pledges and be proud to be a part of this group of studs.  These guys were jocks… football, baseball and lacrosse players, plus Joe from the wrestling team, they were in the best shape possible.  Everyone on campus wanted to be friends with them, and I was now going to be their brother.  Joe and Steve walked in signaling the end if round one.  Everyone looked expectantly at Steve, waiting for the next step.  

Steve stood by the TV and congratulated us on a successful conclusion to the first round of anonymous glory hole sex.  "Nice job pledges, you made the frat proud.  Now it is time to see if you can fuck like real men.  Pete you are first again.  Ready for a good time?  It’s time to see what you are really made of.”  
As I got up off the couch, my head spun and I almost tipped over.  Steve grabbed my arm, and helped me stand up.  "You ok Pete?  Drank too much scotch?  C’mon, I know what you need". Steve led me out of the room.  As we entered the next room, Steve started talking to me.  "Pete, as you now know, we use the cum dump to relieve stress.  His position is important to the safety and well-being of the frat.  Each year we screen dozens of freshman to find just the right guy to fill the position.  He needs to be a jock, well built and athletic, he needs to be the kind of guy we want to have in the frat, and he needs to be able to take a lot of cock.  The guys here fuck hard and they fuck a lot.  This year you have been selected to be the frat’s cum dump.“  I could feel Steve guiding me towards the cubicle as he spoke.  Everything was fuzzy and I could not control my muscles in order to move away from him.  I tried to form the words to express my somewhat fuzzy thoughts.  "I am not gay.  I don’t want to be a cum dump”. 

Steve looked down at me as he gently set me on the bench in the cubicle.  "Pete, we have been watching you during rush.  You check out your fellow pledges often, especially when we have you guys stripped down to your underwear.  The boxers brief you wear do not hide the thickening of your cock every time you see your fellow pledges in their shorts.  It is obvious to us, even if you do not yet know it, that you want your fellow pledges dicks in you.  You want them to use you and you want to feel their big cocks penetrating you, you want them to unleash their cum inside of you.  It is painfully obvious to all of the senior members of the frat that you were made to be used as a fuck toy.“  Now the drugs I placed in your scotch are going to help you make the transition from pledge to cum dump.  Your muscles are relaxed and you won’t fight the penetrations as hard.  This will be enjoyable for you as well as for us.  Now I am going to slide your pants down and put you in position.  I watched as Steve unbuttoned my shorts, I saw him unzip me and pull my shorts down around my ankles.  My cock was rock hard and pointing straight out.  Steve took note   “See, I told you.  You are about to have the cocks of eight fellow pledges rammed into your virgin ass and you are fully erect at the thought.”
“Pete, stop worrying.  You are my bro; I will take you thru this.  Now lay face down on this bench, its padded for your comfort.  These straps will help hold you in place as the drugs wear off and you regain full muscle control.  Even though you will eventually accept your position as pussyboy, these first fucks will most likely cause you to try and pull away from the cocks penetrating you, especially that massive slab of beef hanging between Joe’s legs.  The straps will also hold your ass tight to the hole in the partition, allowing you to get the full length of your fellow pledges cocks deep in your new cunt.”   I helplessly let Steve strap me in place.  He was right the padded bench was comfortable, the only issue being my rigid cock trapped beneath me.  As he rolled the bench back up against the partition and strapped my ass against the hole, he gave me a pat on the head as he picked up my underwear off the floor and shoved it into my mouth.   “Pete, Try to relax and enjoy the next couple of hours.  This is a major turning point in your life.  Understand that some fags need to be forced to understand what they are.”

Steve went to the other side of the partition.  He spoke to me as he went to work.  “OK Pete it’s time to open you up.”   “This is Brad; he just sucked your cock and swallowed a load of your jizz.  For the past year he has been the frat cum dump.  Now his term is over and yours is starting.  He is going to pop your cherry and start you on the path to being a hole for the men of the frat to use to get off.  You will spend the next year servicing your brothers and letting them cum in your mouth and in your ass.  At the end of your term as cum dump, you will assist the frat in selecting next year’s hole, and once selected you will be the first to use him.

I heard and felt him spit onto my ass thru the hole in the partition.  “Lube would make this easier, but we have found that a good spit fuck is better for training a hole.  Once I shoot my load in you, lube is not necessary anyway.”  Brad explained, “As you will quickly discover, cum is one of the best lubes there is, it’s warm and slick.”  I felt the head of his cock pushing its way against the ring of my hole.  “Here we go!”  Even thru the haze of the drugs, his cock entering my virgin ass hurt.  Hurt worse than anything I could remember.  I moaned and yelled out, but the underwear shoved in my mouth prevented the sound from escaping.  As he pushed in deeper, I could feel my hole stretch out to accept the girth forcing its way inside of me.  There was no use fighting it. And like a hot knife through butter, 10 inches of dong meat bottomed out, balls deep.  Once fully inside, he let his cock stay still for a few moments, to allow me to adjust to the invasion.  “Hey Pete, you are doing great.  You have my whole cock buried deep inside of you now.” 

It felt like his hole was being torn open and he couldn’t help but squirm and try to pull his ass away from the invader. Pete thought the pain was too much to handle and was trying to scream out “STOP” thru his spit soaked briefs, but then the cock was pulled out of his ass and he felt strangely empty.  Despite the pain, he wanted to feel that fullness again.  Pete pressed his cock against my hole again.  I tensed as much as the drugs would allow and waited for the pain of penetration.  Pete just stood there behind me with his cock head pressing tightly against my no longer virgin hole.  After a few moments with him pressed against me but not pushing forward, I relaxed and stopped tensing.  As he felt this happen, he added a slight amount of pressure and his cock slid inside.  He pushed slowly, very slowly and his cock got deeper and deeper.  Once it reached bottom, he again let it sit there for a moment while I got used to it.  He pulled out just as slowly until he had fully removed himself again from my ass.

“Time to fuck.”   He started forcing his way back in, then pulling out.  He was fucking me!  As he picked up speed, it felt like his cock was pulling out my guts then pushing them back in.  Over and over he kept pounding my tight ass.  I felt his cock swell up and then the hot spurts of cum shooting out against the back wall of my hole.  “Nice job Pete, you are a natural.  Your hole felt great, you opened up quickly and took it all. You are officially now a cum dump… this frats cum dump.  Now that was great for your first time, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind while your fellow pledges enter you and use your hole.  You need to build up the muscles in your cunt.  Start by relaxing your hole as much as you can when a cock is thrusting into you, then squeezing down as hard as you can when the guy using you pulls outward.  The idea is to welcome the cock, and not want it to leave.  After a few fucks this will become second nature.  The second thing to work on is controlling your screams, Steve gagged you for the taking of your cherry, but now that you are going to be servicing your friends it’s important that they hear you moan in pleasure as they use you.  I suggest very strongly that you do not scream out as they penetrate you.  If they hear screams they will open the door to see if everything is ok.  If they open the door, they will know it is you, their fellow pledge and friend, taking their cocks.  Most of them won’t care and will still finish fucking you.  But my guess is that you will not want your fellow pledges to see you strapped to a bench taking loads up the ass.

I did not want to be learning how to better serve my fellow pledges and friends as a hole for them to get off in, but I also knew that I would not scream out and that I would squeeze down and relax in time with my buddies fuck strokes.  As Brad finished the instructions he removed the spit soaked underwear from my mouth as promised.  Before I could speak he shoved his cum covered cock into my mouth.  “You will also need to learn how to suck dick, but we will hold off on that training for now.”   Once all of the cum was removed from his still hard cock, he slipped it from between my lips and gave me a pat on the head.   “Time for Steve to go and get the first pledge out here to use your hole.  Just so you know, the blowjobs were an excuse to find out which of your fellow pledges has the biggest cock.  We have arranged to have them fuck you in order of cock size, smallest to largest, that way you will get the pleasure of each one of your friends stretching you out a little more and each of them have the pleasure of the tightest fuck they can take from you.  This means that RJ is first with a seven and a half to eight inch cock and Joe is last with an absurdly thick twelve inch slab of sausage.“ 

“I am going to leave you now.  But before I go, a bit of advice from one cumdump to another…savor the next couple of hours.  You are going to feel your friend’s cocks penetrate you for the first time.  You will be able to get to know them intimately, and anonymously, since they will not know it is you they are penetrating.  Feel how they fuck, hard and fast, deep and slow, like a rabbit or like a horse.  Enjoy the feeling of your ass stretching to accommodate them.  Notice how each fuck feels a little better than the previous one, how your ass is looser and more relaxed as it fills with your buddies’ warm slick jizz.  You have been secretly lusting after these young jocks for the past several weeks.  As you pledged together you checked them out in their underwear.  Several of them are on teams with you, so you have seen them shower or undress in the locker room.  Picture their tight bodies as they thrust and pump you full of cum.  Enjoy!”

With that, Brad left me alone in the dark cubicle.  I was strapped down with my ass pressed tight against a hole in the wall.  My recently violated hole had another man’s load of cum inside and I was waiting for RJ to step up and ram his cock into me.

I heard the door open as Steve and RJ entered the room.  Steve said "here you go, a willing hole waiting for you to sink your cock deep.  Fuck it anyway you want.  It is there for you to enjoy.  Make sure to cum deep inside. A cunt like this gets better as it is filled with warm slick ball juice.”

As I lay there in the dark, I heard RJ unzip and step up behind me.  He rubbed his rock hard cock between my ass cheeks for a few strokes, and then he pulled back, aligned his meat with my hole and thrust forward.  His cock pushed its way into me, going full depth on the first stroke.  I gasped, but remembered not to scream.  He let out a sigh of contentment, as he bottomed out deep in my ass.  "Holy shit, that’s the tightest hole I have ever been inside.  It feels amazing, gripping down on my shaft.  How can a hole like this stay tight, with a houseful of jocks using it regularly?”

As I lay there with RJ’s cock buried in my ass, I took Brad’s advice and pictured RJ’s body.  I had never seen him naked, but I knew he wore under Armour boxer jocks in white.  He was lean, since his sports were cross country and hockey.  And he was very hairy.  He had a great treasure trail that led to a furry chest.  He had small nipples and always looked slightly tan.  He looked great with a couple of days of stubble on his face. I could feel him start to fuck, his cock sliding slowly out until just the head was inside me, then a quick forceful stoke in.  He kept this up for a while slow outward strokes and quick inward ones.  Remembering the words of my predecessor, I clenched as he pulled out and relaxed as his thrust in.  He was a verbal fucker, and kept saying things like “nice ass, oh yeah, fuck yeah, tight pussy, right there”. After about fifteen minutes I heard him say “here it comes” and knew he was about to blow his load in me.  His cock got more rigid and thicker as he prepared to shoot.  I felt the wads of cum and the twitching of his cock.  He shot eight times and then started to thrust again.  He fucked me for another five minutes after filling me with his seed, making sure it was deep inside.  As he pulled out he said thanks.

As he was escorted out of the room, I heard Steve complement him “nice job, you fucked like a man”
For the next few hours, I was the fuck bitch for my fellow pledges.  Since I only knew when RJ and Joe were scheduled to have their turns breeding my ass, the rest of the guys were fully anonymous.  I had no idea who was fucking me. Occasionally I would recognize a voice as they talked during the ass pounding, but for the most part I could only feel the random cocks penetrate me.  As I lay there taking cock after cock, I realized that they would not remain anonymous for long.  Very soon I would know every detail of each of my fellow pledges cocks, length, and girth, size of the head, number of veins, and the taste of the jizz that shoots out.  There would be no detail I would not get to know intimately.

After seven of my fellow pledges had used my hole and dumped a series of thick creamy loads in my ass, I was loose and starting to anticipate the next penetration.  I did not want to admit it, but making my friends feel good was giving me a sense of satisfaction.

At that point I heard Steve lead the last of my fellow Pledges into the room.  “Joe, you are going to love this, just shove your cock into the hole.  Slide in using your fellow pledges jizz for lube.  Feel all eight loads on your dick, warm and slick.  I want this to be the best fuck of your life.  I am guessing that you have problems finding girls who will take a good hard pounding from a cock as big as yours.  It’s important for men to have a hole in which to dump a load when the sorority chicks won’t put out.  The cum dump serves a vital purpose.  Without him, the guys in the frat would be tense and angry.  They might feel the need to roofie a date or force themselves on some poor girl.  The cum dump is a vital part of the fraternity.  No go ahead and use him to your hearts content.  Pound that hole like you have always wanted to, fuck it as hard as you want, get all of that massive meat inside and stretch it out to accommodate your size.”  I knew Steve was saying this for my benefit as much as for Joes.  He wanted me to prepare mentally for a serious fuck from a massive cock.  
Steve unzipped and I felt his meat pressed tight up against my ass.  Even having been used so vigorously over the past few hours, I knew that his fuck stick would be a whole different experience.  Something that big was going to re-shape my cunt and stretch me out even further.

As he pushed into me, I moaned loudly.  His cock was huge. My ass had been well used and there was no issue with him fitting, like there would have been a couple of hours ago, but I felt it making my ass wider.  The copious amounts of cum lubed his entry, so his meat slid against the walls of my ass as it pushed them wider. Steve thought that he was entering an experienced, well used cum dump.  It did not occur to him that the ass he was pushing into was virgin a few hours ago.   He did not hesitate once he was fully inside me.  He started pounding my ass.  His stick punching in and out, over and over.  I was now moaning loudly as I was turned fully into a hole for use by real men.  A dick as big as his not only changed the physical properties of my ass, it changed my mind.  Each time his massive slab of meat penetrated me I became more and more eager to take his cock.  I now wanted to be a cum dump.  I wanted these frat boys to use me and to cum inside of me.  I wanted to service my frat and make sure all of my new brothers felt good.  The drugs I had been given had worn off and I had full control of my muscles.  I was clenching my ass as tight as I could to try and give Joe the fuck of his life. 

Joe was moaning and saying how good this felt.  He obviously wanted it to last, but all too soon his cock swelled up and shot its nut deep inside of me.
Steve led him out of the room and after a few moments returned and unstrapped me from the bench.  My legs were unsteady and I needed his help to stand, again.  He congratulated me on my first turn behind the glory hole. He told me all of my friends enjoyed their time inside of me and that they were all talking about how great it felt to fuck a tight hole raw and cum inside.  
Now it was time to introduce them to the frat cum dump.  They needed to know that I was now a hole for them to use at will.  As I felt their cum dripping out of my now loose hole, I realized he was right, my friends and fellow pledges needed to know that I was the one they were filling with seed.   However, I was not yet ready to walk up to my friends and tell them that I was a cum dump and that I knew what each of their cocks felt like in my ass.  He suggested that I take this opportunity to learn another new skill.  “Lay back down on the bench, this time with no straps, and put your face up against the partition, with your mouth available for use.  I will bring the guys back into the lounge, and this time the door to the booth will be wide open, so they can see you waiting to service them.  My guess is that it won’t take long for them to line up to use your mouth.  You will come out to them, and you won’t have to say a word.”  I just nodded and lay down on the bench waiting for my friends to see me and recognize that I was now a hole to be used for their pleasure.  

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