Watching the rookies stretch out is causing the rest of the team to chub up.  Seeing the rookies bent over and presenting their tight asses in the baseball pants, is making the guys semi hard.  They can’t wait to take the cups out of their jocks, as right now their
big, thick cocks are prevented from getting fully hard.  The constriction
is making the players even hornier and more frustrated.  The team will loose the game, since their minds are focused on raping the rookies after the game in the locker room and not on winning.

Once the game finishes, the team pounces on the rookies and fuck them hard.  The hours of pent up frustration combined with loosing the game made the players especially aggressive.  The rookies were spit roasted for hours, taking cocks in each of their holes repeatedly.  During the gang bangs, the rookies were forced to keep wearing their jocks and cups, their teammates wanting to contain their engorged cocks, and make them hornier (a lesson learned from the game). 

For the rest of the season, the team used the rookies before each game, allowing them to drain their balls prior to stuffing them into tight cups.  Having dumped their loads in the rookies asses, the team could properly focus on playing baseball.  

It turned out to be a winning season.

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