The frat had tried car washes, bake sales, calenders, yard servicing and many other traditional methods of fund raising, but always came up short of their goals.  Then one of the seniors had an out-of-the-box idea  “Lets sell off pledge ass”. 

They had several of the new pledges pose for suggestive photos, by telling them that these shots were for a new calender targeted at sorority girls.  The images were perfect for the craigslist ad. 

Horny, young, college jocks looking to make some money.  Our virgin asses are for sale to the highest bidder.  Be the first men to use us like the whores we are.  Please take our cherries. 

Gang bangs welcome.  

The bidding war was impressive with the final two bidders fighting it out for over an hour.  The winning bid was from the neighboring college’s wrestling team.  The pledges were ruffied and delivered to the teams locker room after their meet on Friday night.  The wrestlers had lost the meet and enjoyed taking out their frustrations on the pledges virgin holes. 

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