At the start of the evening your roommate looks so young and innocent that you occasionally forget that he his a cum hungry, cock whore.  Last night you watched him pull a train of over twenty guys.  They showed him no mercy, ramming their raw cocks into his ass and dumping load after load into his hole.  He loved it, his eager cunt always wanting more dick.  After the bar closed he told you that he went down to the freeway rest stop just out of town and spent four more hours servicing cocks thru the glory holes.  You smile as you picture him bent over with his ass tight to the hole in the partition as some sleepy truck driver slams his cock into him.  You imagine the surprise the trucker feels at fucking a loose hole filled with over thirty loads of cum.

Tonight he is skipping the bar and headed straight to the rest stop, as the trucker from last night has arranged a glory hole gang bang.  And as much as your roommate likes cock the idea of anonymous cock turns him on even more.

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