Sometimes, but not often, a cum dump will look like a real man, tall, muscular and strong.  In those rare cases the dump must signal that he craves raw cock and needs to be bred.  For example, Joe, in the photo above, has taken to cruising truck stops in boxer briefs with the ass ripped out. His sagging, beltless jeans give men easy access to his cunt.  This technique works for Joe, as he often bent over and fucked for hours, by dozens of horny truckers there in the parking lot.  Joe is passed around from truck to car to truck, each load making his hole slicker and more inviting. On a good day Joe will get to feel twenty to thirty cocks ramming into his cunt, stretching his well used hole a little further each time before shooting that cum deep inside.

So even though Joe starts out the night looking like a real man, by the end of the night his exposed ass, gaping and dripping jizz, marks him as a cum hungry, cock whore.

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