What did you say?  I can’t hear you.  Take my load.  It might make you big and strong and maybe next time you’ll be able to fight me off.  

“Good thing that camera over there isn’t on, isn’t it?  Or you’d see the red light. Not that it would pick up what I’m saying to you from over there.  You’d fucking hate it if your friends saw this, wouldn’t you, with you holding your legs open to allow my big cock to fuck your ass, your little dick trying to get hard, and your previously partly furry body all smooth. 

"You just keep taking my cock, keeping your legs spread, and I won’t put the hair removal cream on your head.  No one will know it was I that switched it with your body wash. If your friends saw this, all they’d see is you having shaved your crotch and voluntarily taking cock.

"Oh no.  Don’t move, you just keep your legs wide, facing the camera as if the camera were recording my cock sliding in and out of your ass.  I know that you feel having a cock in your ass is degrading. I don’t care.  It’s not everyone that gets to lose their cherry by me.  You’re free to enjoy yourself being fucked, as long as you don’t touch your cock. In fact, I want you to yell this out…, loud enough so if the camera were on, it would hear it.”

“I don’t want to, none of it’s true…”

“But I want to hear it.  Loud and clear. It keeps me going. Or do you want me to call up my friends after I cum? or tell your girlfriend how you take cock? I didn’t think so.  Now yell it out..”

(between grunts during hard thrusts) “I love taking cock!  I need cock!  Please!  Anyone who sees me, just fuck me, breed me like the slut I am!!!”

“Now, see, that wasn’t hard.  No, no.  Stay there.  I’m about to cum in you.  Keep your legs spread.  Keep looking over at the camera.  It’ll soon be over.  Here it is, take it.  Oh yeah.  From your reaction, I can tell you can feel every spurt from my balls pumping you full of my sperm.  Damn, everyone knows only a fucking cum slut would allow this.  I must be flooding your guts.  You just stay there fully plugged with my cock inside you for a while so you don’t leak.

"God that was great.  Oh look, the light is blinking green.  I guess the camera was on the whole time, since blinking green means it was successful in uploading to the web.  I guess you shouldn’t have yelled that comment out after all.  Oh well, my bad.  I guess the red light had burned out.  It’s OK, it’s OK, don’t worry about me. The camera has face recognition software, and automatically changes my image to be unrecognizable as me. No one will know it was me fucking you.  Well sure, you’ll come through clear.  Besides, your name will be on the credits.”

“wh..wh..  what?”

“Damn, I’m inside you but your writhing is getting me hard again.  I forgot to tell you that tomorrow Coach will perform one of his naked locker drug checks.  You know, the ones where everyone has to step up and stand naked in front of everyone, hands above their heads, while their open locker is searched?  Wow.  I can feel your ass spasming around my cock.  I guess you’ve realized that no matter what you may try to wear tomorrow, during the check you’ll have to expose your now hairless body in front of all the men there.  You don’t even have your pit hair anymore.   I can’t begin to imagine how completely humiliating that will be, in front of your friends and all those other men.   

"Geez, looks like I’m up for round two.   The green light has stopped flashing, so it’s been sent and the camera has reset itself.  You’re now a fucking star.  Lucky shit, not everyone losing their anal virginity gets made public.  Tell you what, maybe I’ll try to talk the Coach out of his check.  All you have to do is face the camera, sit on my cock, and ride it till I cum.  It’s called the reverse cowboy  Only this time, we need to be more vocal.  Remember, if you do a convincing job, I may talk the Coach out of his locker check.  How’s that for incentive?”

Horrified at the mental picture of the locker check, he assumed the position, sitting on the erect cock, and clearly bouncing up and down on it on his own power, despite the tears in his eyes.   His second seeding was loud, obvious, and clearly voluntarily, as he watched the green light start to flash again.  Truly, no one watching would ever know he was straight.

Which is what he found out, when the next day the Coach did indeed do his naked locker check  He found no way out of having to stand in front of everyone, legs spread, hands over head, not a pit or pube hair in site, and realized that every male there was naked, erect, and had an iphone…

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