Ahhhhh.  That feeling of satisfaction, horniness and joy as the stranger’s anonymous cock slips into your tight, hairy hole.  You pause for a minute, as the fat mushroom head forces its way into the entrance, to allow your ass to adjust to the violation.  Here at the start you keep a small gap between your ass and the partition. This allows you to momentarily take control and slowly push back towards the glory hole, enjoying the low moan of satisfaction from the man penetrating your ass.  Once you feel the partition against your ass cheeks you pull off slightly and bounce back fucking yourself on the big, raw cock sticking thru the hole.  After about 20 strokes you settle with your ass tight against the partition. You reach back with both hands to pull your cheeks apart so you can get your hole as tight as possible to the hole in the partition.  At this point you give up all sense of control, you are nothing more than a warm tight tunnel to be used.  Your only job now is to stay in place, pushing back hard against the partition allowing the man in the next stall to penetrate you as deeply as he wants, he is in total control.  He can fuck you hard, soft, quick or slow, it’s his choice.  The only active role you have in this act at this point is making sure your ass is treating the cock inside it as well as it can, relaxing welcomingly on the in stroke, clamping down on the out stroke, in order to give the man the most amount of pleasure possible. At this point the two of you are totally in sync connected only by his rigid slab of meat ramming in and out of you over and over.  Both of you have the same goal – to have the load of cum currently churning in his balls build up to the point that he ejaculates directly into your ass.   As you feel the girth of his cock expand and his meat twitch, you realize you have both achieved the goal as you feel the first splash of warm jizz deep inside.  He shoots seven or eight times filling you with warm man splooge. He pulls out and you hear him zip up and exit the stall.  His use of you as a cum dump is now complete and he has no further use of you. 

As you stand there in the dirty stall, pants around your ankles, bent over, a strangers cum dripping out of your ass, you realize you’re not satisfied.  If anything, you’re more horny.  You feel that familiar inch deep inside the itch that can only be satisfied by having a rock hard cock pounding your cunt.  Once the itch fully takes control, you know that you will except any cock coming through the wall into your mouth or ass.

This is the best part of glory hole sex. There is no pretense, no waiting, no checking guys out.  Any cock coming thru the hole is a cock you will take into your body. And now that you have a fresh load dripping out of your hole there’s no question to the men on the other side of partition what your ass is there for.
You hear the squeak of the stall door, the sound of a zipper being unzipped and then you see a thick 9 inch cock slip through the hole, a full bushy mound of red pubic hair framing it.  You immediately turn around and get your mouth sucking on that cock.  After a few minutes of slurping his salami, you pull off and turn around. You place the head of that big cock against your slick jizz filled hole.  Again you give up full control.  It’s now up to the man on the other side of the partition if he wants to push forward into your cunt or pull back indicating he only wants to use your mouth.  However, in your experience most men will not pass up the chance to dump a load in a warm willing hole.  The redhead is no exception and soon you feel satisfaction as another stranger’s cock penetrates you.  He pounds your cunt hard and deep.  The only sound is the sloppy wet slurp of his cock churning up the previous dude’s load and the soft slap of his balls hitting your cheeks.  His strokes becoming erratic as he nears orgasm. He goes deep and shoots his wad.  His load is huge, like a fire hose has been turned on inside of you.  Fuck, you are gonna be sliming your underwear up with this fuckin’ load for days!

This happens over and over during the course of the night as you accept cock after cock giving in to their desires.  Several hours later after the last man is finished filling your ass with cum, you bend over one last time and pull up your underwear and shorts letting the cum drip into them because your hole is gaping loose and massively overfilled with strangers jizz.  As you slink out of the empty arcade you secretly enjoy the empty sensation in your stretched out hole and the feeling of the slick cum sliding between your thighs as you walk home on the dark empty streets.

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