I felt a little bad for the guy, but tradition states that the first guy to pass out becomes the cum dump for the weekend.  I knew he would put up a fight, but when a dozen horny dudes want to rape you, there is not much a drunk freshman can do to prevent it.  Usually the struggling and protesting just make the first guys using his holes harder and more aggressive.  The fighting usually stops after the sixth or seventh cock unloads in him. 

The tradition states that his status as cum dump is only good in this house for this weekend.  However in reality once a bro has been gang banged, he never really regains his alpha status.  At least 12 guys know what it feels like to fuck him like a bitch and dump a load of cum in his cunt.  In the future, whenever those guys are horny and can’t find a chick to fuck, they will bend him over and pump him full of hard cock. For the rest of his life, he will be taking alpha male dick. Lucky for him, the guys using him this weekend will train him to take any size cock (biggest meat in the house this weekend is a thick 11" slab of beef).  The repeated use (over sixty loads in his ass) this weekend will insure he never has a tight little hole again.  His cunt will be open and ready for any man who wants to slide in and use it.

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