You grew up together, played on teams together, dated some of the same girls.  But for the past couple of months things have been different.  You don’t know what it is, but when the two of you are alone things are slightly tense.  You find yourselves competing harder on the field, trying to outperform your buddy.  In the weight room, you find yourselves challenging each other to lift more.  Now, As the soap hits the floor, you realize what the problem is.  In any relationship there can only be one Alpha male.  The two of you have been struggling to figure out who is the Alpha and who is the beta.

Suddenly you realize that your best friend has arranged this whole moment.  The two of you are the last ones in the locker room, and you have coaches keys to lock up.  You turn slightly to face each other, hovering over that bar of soap.  Staring deep into each others eyes, taking measure of each other, you look away first.  Then your best friend places his hand on your shoulder and starts to push down. 

As you look down at the bar of soap, past your buddies rigid ten inch cock, you realize that he is the Alpha, and you are no longer friends.

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