When he awoke he was tied to the truck bed and had a new tattoo on his arm, a gang symbol.  He was told by the group of Latino men surrounding the truck, that due to a deal gone wrong and a perceived insult, they owed a rival Mexican gang a tribute of respect.  A member of their gang needed to be given to the rival group for forty eight hours.  The tribute would be used as a cum whore.  The rival gang members would fuck the tribute as often and as hard as they wanted for the 48 hour period.  He would be gangbanged by a gang.  His choice was a simple one, pretend to be a gang member and and give his holes up as tribute, or get raped by his abductors and get beaten mercilessly.  He chose Mexican cocks over Latin cocks and Latin fists.

He was delivered and immediately bent over.  The receiving gang wanted the two delivery boys to see him take his first cock and let the rest of the gang know what is required of a tribute.  The first cock was a thick 11" piece of meat.  It was shoved in hard and fast.  The duct tape prevented the sound of his screams from going far, but it was obvious that he was in pain. The Mexican fucked deep with long strokes and pulled out just as he started to cum.  The first shots splattered his ass, then the cock was shoved in full depth as the balance of the load was dumped deep inside.  As the delivery boys drove off they watched as twenty gang members stripped down and formed a line.  They could not help but notice that these guys had huge cocks, and that the tribute would learn to respect each and every one.

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