Now that its over he is feeling a little guilty about raping his new roommate’s ass.  He just could not help himself, it was as if his cock took charge of his mind and body.  He knows his roommate is lying face down on the bed, behind him, still in his jockstrap.  Those straps framing the violated hole that now contains three loads of his jizz.  The hair on his ass matted with his sperm.

The real problem is that his dick is still hard.  Knowing that his roommate’s hole is still there and that it has been stretched out to fit his cock like a glove.  Knowing that it is waiting, warm, slick and smooth. 

He slowly turns around and drops his pants to his ankles.  His roommate whimpers “please, not again”, then a lets out a small moan as his thick, eleven inch meat slides back inside of him, where it wants to be. 

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