“Bro, Just relax and enjoy.”

“I can’t, it just seems wrong to use him as a cum rag.  He is one of our teammates, a jock and a bro.”

“Oh, I see the problem, your still thinking of him as a man.  He is not a man, he is a cock hungry cum whore.  Look you jerk off right?”

“Of course, even with a girlfriend, I slap my salami several times a day.”

“You ever use a Fleshlight or a Pocket Pussy?”

“Yea I have, so what?”

“Think of little Billy here as your personal Pocket Pussy.  Whenever you get horny, just shove your cock in one of his holes, pound as hard and long as you like, dump a load of jizz in his cunt, zip up and walk away.  As easy as can be.  Plus you can do all those things you wanted to try, but girlfriends won’t let you.  Pound his cunt as rough as you want.  Not only wont he complain, he will ask for more.”

“I don’t know”

“Look, you will be doing him a favor, he needs real me to use him.  If you don’t, he will have to look elsewhere to get his needs met.  Billy will start cruising toilets and locker rooms, anywhere real men congregate.  If you don’t cum in him on a regular basis, he will start taking cock from strangers thru glory holes down at the truck stop." 

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